HEALTHCARE: Dollars, cents, and responsibility.

The healthcare issues affecting our country in 2015 stem from the desire to see that everyone has an opportunity to receive medical treatment and trying to determine a fair and equitable way to pay for services.

The cost of healthcare is rising. Who is responsible?
Healthcare Dollars and cents

The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed over the last several decades.  Partially, this is a result of the increased number of treatments available.  Some of it is a result of the imposition of overlapping oversight imposed by regulating agencies.  There is also the effect of insurance companies trying to satisfy shareholders.  As a result, we just keep chasing our tails in the attempt to fix the problem.

Keeping people healthy should be the primary objective.  Of course, humans being human rarely take responsibility for their own healthcare issues. It’s always easier to point the finger at someone else for our failure to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is too bad we cannot be conditioned like rats in a maze to do what is right to improve the human condition.

All of this boils down to what becomes a moral struggle for everyone.  However, not all see things the same way. While none of us would like to deny our neighbor medical care, there are few of us that would like to pick up the tab. Most of us have all watched the cost of insurance premiums suck up a larger and larger percentage of our income.  At the same time, insurance company executives receive 6 to 7 figure incomes and medical providers complain of eroding reimbursement despite the high costs their patients pay for care.  The insurance executives have to answer to shareholders, but doctors have to answer to their patients.