An apple a day cannot save Obama CareObama care will go down in History as the President’s biggest folly. No doubt the that the President had good intentions, but in his arrogance, he implemented a system that was supposed to encourage States to implement their own exchanges. 34 states failed to set up exchanges. And those states that did set up exchanges have not all been successful. Hawaii is an example. $205 million dollars of federal taxpayer dollar were spent on Hawaii’s state healthcare exchange. Now Hawaii is asking for $30 million dollars to switch over to the Federal Obamacare Exchange instead. Note the Hawaii that the New York Post referred to Hawaii “a trailblazer of socialized medicine for nearly four decades”.
The IT companies have made millions on botched websites. The Oregon’s exchange is dead in its tracks. s In 2014 it was discovered that after government overseers wasted $300 million on the failed Web site, disreputable consultants allegedly set up a phony Web site to trick the Feds. Apparently, the Federal government is not immune to falling prey to the same internet scams that many individual Americans trying to make enough money to survive into retirement have unwittingly squandered their savings on.
The sad part of this entire debacle is that no one has made any effort to stop and turn this thing around. The Federal government just keeps pouring good money after bad and the American people are left with the bill once again. Someone needs to stand up and say this is not ok.But who is going to do that? Washington is too busy trying to place blame. The President is too arrogant to admit he may have made a mistake charging head on into something he obviously knows nothing about. Congress is no better, they were all too busy doing god knows what to admit that they did not even read the entire program through.And in fact, they are all chasing their tails still trying to determine whether the Congress that voted for Obamacare and their employees will indeed have to suffer the” fruit of their Labor”

As the rate of reimbursement continues to fall, we can expect the number of physicians to decline.  This is particularly true in Primary Care where the country already down by 60% in the needed primary care physicians.  This leaves mid-level practitioners to fill the gap.  Certainly, if I were a student today, medicine would definitely be on my “A” list of career choices.  Between increasing education costs and declining reimbursement, it is just a lose, lose situation.  If I wanted to be cynical, I would say that this is just the government”s way of getting rid of the sick and elderly without having to take the blame for the proposed “death panels”.  At any rate, it is a good idea to remember that old APPLE A DAY adage.