I come from a large family that includes several members that have worked or are still working in the healthcare industry.  That being said we are all patients ourselves and caregivers of elderly parents.  Many of us have had to deal with serious and sometimes terminal illnesses within our smaller family units.  Some of us are transitioning elderly parents into alternate living arrangements.  None of this is easy and it can be very overwhelming.

Healthcare issues also affect our communities including local businesses that must shoulder the cost of healthcare not only in the form of increased insurance premiums but every time an employee or the business person suffers a health setback, the business suffers a financial loss also.

For all the above reasons I have decided to share some of my thoughts, resources that I have found etc, etc, etc.  After all the key to US Healthcare Issues is the “Us”. I hope that I can convince a few guest bloggers to share their experiences also.  I hope to get perspectives from the point of view of medical professionals, patients, caregivers, and some service providers, as well as local businesses and community leaders on how to make our lives a little easier as the healthcare industry in our country continues to change and evolve.

I would appreciate feedback US Healthcare Issues.com.  You can contact me here.