The Invisible Fees Hitting Our Community’s Cancer Patients

The good Samaritan syndrome, strangers helping strangers
The good Samaritan syndrome, strangers helping strangers

I just cannot shake the high cost of health care from my list of worries.  And that being said, it has come to my attention that patients and families of patients battling cancer have turned to “crowdfunding” (Click here)as a source of funding for medical bills,  Modern technology has brought a great opportunity to people having difficulties paying for their medical expenses while battling cancer. Some of these expenses include, but are not limited to, travel costs for treatment, chemotherapy, radiation, vitamins, wigs, various medications, the cost of missing an expanded period of work, childcare, doctors appointments, family/living expenses, caregiving expenses, potential legal issues, etc. In theory, Obamacare makes it so insurance companies cannot opt of covering preexisting conditions, but it’s the hidden fees and invisible costs that get to the pockets of patients and their families.

My family, in particular, learned this when my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer and breast cancer within three months of each other. My mother, in her mid 50’s is our primary source of family income. My younger sister and I are her only two children. As a teacher, we were very lucky that she had enough sick days to cover her year out of work. She also had great health insurance that covered a majority of her treatment. Yet, having some of the best treatment coverage one could possibly have still was not enough for us. The co-payments for her daily and weekly treatments added up quickly. The 40 minutes to an hour of driving per visit to her oncologist, surgeon, and various other doctors she had to see, took up a lot of gas.

The care that she received at New York Oncology Hematology in Rexford and Ellis Hospital in Schenectady was top notch. I saw this with my own eyes the one day I could get off of work to take her to a chemotherapy session. This particular day she experienced an unexpected allergic reaction. As I ran to get the nurse, watching my mother’s face turn a deep shade of red under her scarfed head, the nurses had her taken care of as soon as the words “My mother needs help” slipped from my mouth. I am not denying in my argument that healthcare workers deserve anything less than what they are being paid.  In order to save the patients money. I am, however, arguing that there should be more done for the invisible expenses cancer patients face. Continue reading The Invisible Fees Hitting Our Community’s Cancer Patients


I am going to apologize in advance for yet another post dealing with health care costs.  When I started writing this blog I thought I would be leaning more towards a “helpful hints” website.  So far I have been on my soap box and I am afraid this post will deal once again with costs.  You do have my promise that my very next post will include resources to help you.

This being said, I wanted to share something with you.  Now, I live in the state of New York and I would like to know if this is a New York thing or if this happens everywhere.  My Grandmother passed away.  She was 92 so she lived a good long life and she died in her sleep.  My mother got a call from Grandma’s cleaning lady that she had found her in bed and that she was deceased.

Mom has medical experience so she checked for vitals, the body was cool to the touch, Grandma was obviously gone.  Mom called the funeral home to have them send transport and then she finally got through to the doctor to report the death.  The doctor’s office told Mom that in New York since it was an unattended death, she still needed to call emergency services.   And for that, we received a bill for a $600 ambulance ride a couple of months later.  According to a guy I know that is in the limousine business, we could have taken Grandma for a rather luxurious ride for most of the day for that amount of money! Continue reading THE “AMBULANCE RIDE” MEDICARE PAID FOR


An apple a day cannot save Obama CareObama care will go down in History as the President’s biggest folly. No doubt the that the President had good intentions, but in his arrogance, he implemented a system that was supposed to encourage States to implement their own exchanges. 34 states failed to set up exchanges. And those states that did set up exchanges have not all been successful. Hawaii is an example. $205 million dollars of federal taxpayer dollar were spent on Hawaii’s state healthcare exchange. Now Hawaii is asking for $30 million dollars to switch over to the Federal Obamacare Exchange instead. Note the Hawaii that the New York Post referred to Hawaii “a trailblazer of socialized medicine for nearly four decades”. Continue reading OBAMACARE DOOMED TO LIFE SUPPORT

HEALTHCARE: Dollars, cents, and responsibility.

The healthcare issues affecting our country in 2015 stem from the desire to see that everyone has an opportunity to receive medical treatment and trying to determine a fair and equitable way to pay for services.

The cost of healthcare is rising. Who is responsible?
Healthcare Dollars and cents

The cost of healthcare has skyrocketed over the last several decades.  Partially, this is a result of the increased number of treatments available.  Some of it is a result of the imposition of overlapping oversight imposed by regulating agencies.  There is also the effect of insurance companies trying to satisfy shareholders.  As a result, we just keep chasing our tails in the attempt to fix the problem. Continue reading HEALTHCARE: Dollars, cents, and responsibility.