“Watch Out… The Cadillac Tax is Coming”

Healthcare costs have been a continuing issue felt by Americans from all walks of life throughout the nation. With the Affordable Care Act, this has only gotten worse, especially for the middle class. Now, the Cadillac Tax is planned to begin in 2018 and I fear it will only hit my family, friends, and peers harder. I know I have firsthand experienced the burden of the ACA as of recently when my employer had to change my healthcare plan and I do not have the same safety net I previously did. I am fortunate that my spouse and I have been in good health currently, but my neighbor Kevin has not been so lucky.

My neighbor’s recent life has been one calamitous event after another. The worst of these events was his wife’s diagnosis of chronic kidney disease. We were catching up, with sweating glasses of iced tea in hand, sitting on my porch while we watched workers remove a tree that had recently fallen onto his property after a recent storm. This was just another accident in his series of unfortunate events, but he did express great gratitude for the reasonably priced professional company, www.cdstumptreeremoval.com, that agreed to work with him on his “tree care issue”.  Why can’t “healthcare” be just that, professional and reasonably priced? Continue reading “Watch Out… The Cadillac Tax is Coming”