That Dirty Word – HEALTHCARE

It is an issue that can clear a room faster than talking about death, religion, or technology. What topic am I referring to? Healthcare. To some, just the thought of the managed healthcare industry sends shivers up people’s spines.

To be honest I don’t blame them. You never hear any definitive plan to really

credit to Steven Brill from his free downloadable book
credit to Steven Brill from his free downloadable book

make a difference. Obamacare has become more of the name of a syndrome, than a health care philosophy. If you ask a lot of people about it, I doubt they could tell you more than a few simple facts about it.

Healthcare’s Hidden Strategy

Healthcare management is accepted as a nebulous area of faceless executives, mountains of ever changing legal jargon and the cruel acceptance that misery and chaos are all it will ever be. I have a technical term for this acceptance. My term:    “Nonsense”

They have a strategy. It may appear like just industry structure, but it is no different than any large mega billion dollar industry with controversy. I liken it to the oil industry and the banking industry, each with their own set of lobbyists, and endless coincidences that seem to benefit them when under legislative or judicial scrutiny. An example of this is the way gas prices drop mysteriously and precipitously around election time. Just coincidence I am sure.

The Healthcare industry uses the nebulous nature of mindless faceless managed care goliaths to disguise something that really should be illegal. Basically, they are monopolies.

Medical Monopolies

The majority of hospitals, doctors, and healthcare services are linked to a handful of managed care organizations. And this trend continues as more and more consolidation takes place. And what is shocking is you hear the same garbage based arguments from these managed care organizations as you used to hear from other monopolies. Here are some of the arguments I hear:

  • consolidation reduces premiums
  • consolidation helps the economy

Oh and by the way 2 +2 = 5. Consolidation did not help bring fair pricing to big oil. Consolidation did not bring innovation or low prices to the telecommunications industry before the break up of Ma Bell. But we are supposed to believe that this medical oligarchy is benefiting your economy. I have a strong intuition that competition might work wonders for the skyrocketing cost of healthcare.

It still remains to be seen as to whether the Republicans and the Trump Administration can devise a healthcare plan for America that will take some of the profits out of the pockets of the insurance industry in order to keep health care affordable for the common man.  So far, Congress cannot even come together to label Obamacare as the failure that it is and put party differences aside in order to serve the American people that elected them.  This is truly a sad commentary on the dysfunction or our federal government.