Zika Virus Scare

The Zika Virus. It’s a term that’s been buzzing around the news for the past few months. The question many are asking is: Should I be concerned? Or maybe this is like the Ebola hype, a lot of fear over a few isolated cases. Since mosquitos carry the virus, and the early warm weather could mean mosquito season is coming sooner rather than later, it is best to prepare for the worst and prepare now.

Maybe I haven’t convinced you. Maybe you think I am being irrational. If you have kept up with the news, you would also know that pregnant women need to take extra care to avoid the virus. My wife is currently three months pregnant. The majority of the pregnancy will be in the height of mosquito season, and I have learned that I have good reason to be scared. In contracted, the Zika Virus could cause brain damage to our child as he or she develops in the womb. If the Zika Virus hits our town, there’s a good chance it will quickly become an outbreak. The children of pregnant women are more at risk than anyone.

Parents know that getting ready for a new child is all about preparation. My wife is currently working on registering gifts for her baby shower, which means asking every mother she knows what they wish they had with their first born and what they thought they needed that ended up being useless.  We have gotten names of every doctor in a 20-mile radius of my home and work, just in case. Our doctor is on speed dial, of course.  We’ve even gotten a recommendation for a great, local courier service for all my quick delivery service needs when my wife too pregnant to comfortably move and I am out of town on business. That is how far we have gone with my obsession of being prepared for anything and everything.

One of the first preparation steps we took, however, was calling our health insurance company to see what kind of coverage we have. Luckily, we do not plan on traveling far, we are being extra cautious with this first pregnancy. I don’t have to worry about getting travelers insurance. I am also incredibly lucky because I have fantastic health insurance through my employer. If an outbreak occurs, we are completely covered. While this may seem like a minor relief, it seems like all of my money is going to the nursery, and knowing that if the worse case scenario were to occur, at least we would have some financial support. A fraction of my worry has been relieved, and as a first-time parent and a self-proclaimed worrywart, I’ll take just about any relief that I can get.


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